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Mindful Kitchen Zen Design Tips For Your Home

kitchen zen design

What Is Zen?

What is Zen? Zen is the true nature of an individual expressing itself freely moment by moment. Zen is known as a disciplined practice that each one of us can be present and simply enjoy the feeling of just being and existing. Zen is not a belief system in which a person much convert. No doctrine or dogma exists in the practice of Zen. This is the direct experience of the one’s ultimate reality. This is not separate from the relative or the ordinary. This is a birthright. Zen meditation is a way and method for realizing the nondualistic, subtle, vibrant, & interconnectedness of nature in life. The path towards realization.

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Zen Plants

Zen plants are a great idea for creating the perfect kitchen zen environment in your home. You can never go wrong with adding plants all throughout your entire home. Plants are natural healers. Have you ever been told to hug a tree anytime you are sad or to go out and be in nature? This is because the vibrations that these gorgeous plants put out are frequencies that bring everyone happiness and relaxation. You can look into indoor house plants such as lucky bamboo, bonsai, ficus ginseng, and more. Create a relaxing environment with zen plants!

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Healing Crystals

The name of the game is… frequency which is what all of this is all about. It is tapping into a frequency that is higher than where you currently are and expanding your thought form, your consciousness, realization. Healing crystals and stones are not only BEAUTIFUL but they are also incredibly helpful as they all have their own individual metaphysical healing properties. Some stones help with concentration, unconditional love, understanding, empathy, relaxation, stillness, grounding, and so much more. You can also look into stones like hematite if you have televisions or other technological devices near the kitchen area. Hematite helps absorb electromagnetic frequency radiation which is harmful to humans and animals.

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kitchen zen design

Contemporary Kitchen Countertops

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marble countertops

The overall design, colors, and patterns that you choose for your kitchen say a lot about you as a person. The overall look creates a specific type of feel to your environment. If you are looking to zen out your kitchen then carefully consider the types of countertops that you will be getting. You can go with onyx, granite, marble, or quartz. We suggest checking out the benefits and properties of each stone. All of these natural stones come in varying colors and patterns. Check out one of the top kitchen countertop experts on our site for more information.

Zen Cabinets For Your Kitchen

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Just like countertops, your kitchen cabinets will also play a big part in the over the zen design of your kitchen. We prefer white cabinets with a chocolate glaze but this, of course, is completely up to you. You can either go with a lighter or darker theme. It will all depend on your own unique style and preferences.

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