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K&B Q&A: Kandrac and Kole

Atlanta’s Dynamic Duo

Kandrac & Kole

Ever want to get the inside scoop from today’s most influential designers? Well, we are doing just that with our designer Q&A’s! Check out our latest spotlight with Atlanta’s dynamic duo, Kandrac & Kole Interior Designs!

Kandrac & Kole
Left: Joann Kandrac | Right: Kelly Kole

Q. List one word to describe your style.

A. Joann: Tasteful

Kelly: Thoughtful

Q. What design trend(s) are you excited about for 2019?

A. Joann: “Individuality” I’m excited that individuality has become a “trend”. Surround yourself with things that you love and are important to you and it doesn’t matter what is trending.

Kelly: Mixing old and new. It’s not a new trend but one that we are seeing more and more. I love mixing antiques with contemporary pieces.

Q. What design trend(s) do you wish would die?

A. Kelly: Bedskirts

Joann:  Word art – it is so overdone, Edison bulbs – they give off horrible light

Q. What is your favorite color combo?

A. Kelly:  My favorite color combo at the moment is cream, linen, gray and matte black.

Joann:  Black and White – This is nothing new for it’s a classic combination and looks great with a pop of any color.  I’m always drawn to high contrast!

Kandrac & Kole

Q. What inspires you the most when designing?

A. Joann:  Artwork and fabric – that’s all you need to get the wheels turning for an entire design

Kelly: Ditto what Joann said but also a client’s personal collections. Things that are in the home that makes for a truly personal, authentic design.

Kandrac & Kole

Q. What is your favorite room to design?

A. Joann:  Powder Room – it’s small but can have such an impact. Thoughtful details make these spaces interesting and this is the place to use wallpaper in a bold way!

Kelly: Family Room – I love the opportunity to combine lots of furniture styles, fabrics, and artwork.

Q. Do you have a signature touch? If yes what is it?

A. Joann & Kelly: Our use of color and texture.

Kandrac & Kole
Kandrac & Kole
Kandrac & Kole
Kandrac & Kole

Q. Did you always want to be a designer? What did you want to be when you were a child?

A. Joann: I never envisioned myself as a designer, my aspirations were to be an actress on Broadway! I think I am much more suited as a designer. 😉

Kelly: I wanted to be an ice skater. I thought Dorothy Hamill was the bomb diggity.

Q. If you could design a room for anyone who and what would it be?

A. Joann: My 9-year-old granddaughter and it would be her bedroom. She loves to read so I would line it with bookshelves and find the most comfortable reading chair and best lighting I could find. I would make it a sanctuary for her and a place that she would love to spend time in.

Kelly: One of my favorite artists Windy O’Connor. It would be more of a collaboration because her artwork and her fashion sense are out of this world.

Kandrac & Kole

Q. How has digital media impacted your business?

A. Kelly:  Digital media (aka the sharing of information) has over inspired and overstimulated me (in a good way) but it has forced me to focus on my own true voice and to “stay in my lane”.

Joann:  Digital media has opened up many opportunities for us to share our voice (especially through our blog) and design conversations about what we are working on and what we are inspired by.

Q. What are you most excited for the future of the architecture and design industry?

A. Kelly: The sharing of artisanship from a global perspective. Our designs are constantly benefiting from products and people from around the world.

Joann:  Seeing what the next generation has in store for the design world!

Kandrac & Kole

Many thanks to Joann & Kelly for the interview! To keep up with this dynamic duo, follow them on social and listen to their Podcast, Inside Design with Kandrac & Kole!

Instagram: @kandrackole

Facebook: @kandracandkole

Pinterest: @kandrackole

Twitter: @kandrackole

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