How to Light a Bathroom Within Code

Your Guide for The Perfect Bathroom Lighting

Designer Gina Lynch of Enfort Homes
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We have all gone through the struggle of dealing with a not well-lit bathroom. This can be a big ordeal, especially when us females are getting ready for the day. Today we are going to give you the basic do’s and don’t’s for you to achieve the perfect bathroom lighting that is in code.

Bathrooms need to be a well-lit and bright space. This room often gets overlooked when lighting a home but in reality, your kitchen and bathroom lights should be a priority. No one likes a shadow cast on your face while looking in the mirror.

Bathroom Vanity Lighting Tips

Pendant lights should be placed:

  • 4 inches from the ceiling
  • 3 inches from the top of the mirror and the bottom of the fixture

A Chandelier should be placed:

  • 7 feet above the floor
  • 8 feet above the highest point on the tub’s edge or 3 feet beyond it

Wall Sconces should be placed:

  • on either side of the mirror at eye level -this helps eliminate shadows from being cast on your face.

Stay Within Code

The above lighting tips are all placements that are within code for bathroom lighting. It is also important to remember when choosing your bathroom fixtures to choose a fixture that’s U.L.-rated for wet or damp locations. Double check that your fixture features a tightly built construction to keep out water and condensation. Keep note that “no cord-connected, hanging, pendant, lighting track or suspended ceiling paddle fan lighting fixture shall be located in an area within 8 feet vertically and 3 feet horizontally from the tub rim or shower stall threshold.”

When in doubt reference the National Electrical Code book. Depending on your city, state, and or county may also have some additional rules, so be sure to reference your codes.

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Designer Gina Lynch of Enfort Homes

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