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Treat Yourself To A Relaxing Bubble Bath Using This How To Guide

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Homemade Bubble Bath

Want to learn how to make a bubble bath? Use this super awesome guide to walk you through the steps and in no time you will be sitting back, relaxing, and enjoy a warm bubble bath in your own home! Bubble baths are not as common as they should be for adults because we are all so busy working, taking care of the kids, or running errands. Kitchen And Bath encourage you to take an hour out of your productive day and treat yourself to some ‘me-time’ because that is the most important time! Follow along with us in this article to learn how to create the perfect bubble bath!

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The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly!

Who doesn’t love a nice warm bubble bath? YOUR SKIN!! Why, do you ask? All of the chemicals, fragrances, and dyes found in the bubble bath soap you bought at the supermarket is not great for your skin. These chemicals can irritate your eyes, skin, and urethra. Your chances of getting a urinary tract infection may potentially increase with the ingredients found in the bubble bath mix your bought from the store unless it is organic. No need to worry, you can still enjoy a nice hot bubble bath! We will share with you the ingredients you need to make an organic bubble bath mix! Just follow along!

You can use this organic bubble bath mix and prepare bubble baths for yourself and for your kids without having to worry about all of the extra chemicals that may harm their sensitive skin. The really cool thing about this DIY bubble bath mix is that it is easy, fast, organic, and super simple to make!

Organic Bubble Bath

Bubble Bath Ingredients:

  • 1/2 of a cup of organic liquid soap with no harsh added in chemicals
  • 1/2 of a cup of warm distilled water
  • Essential Oils (optional, of course)
  • 1/4 Vegetable Glycerin

How To Make A Bubble Bath Instructions:

Mix them all together! Mix, Mix, Mix! Then run your bath water and pour in the mix to your liking. You can pour this in a bottle container to store for next time or you can use it right away! Before you use it, shake the bottle up a bit to remix all of the ingredients. Sometimes the glycerin will go to the bottom of the bottom and kind of just hanging out there.

All of these ingredients you should be able to find at a Whole Foods, Sprouts, or similar places. We hope that this article was helpful to you and that you learned how to make a bubble bath mix that is organic and made for sensitive skin!

Written by Kitchen and Bath

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