Tips for the Perfect Bathroom Color Schemes

No design degree required.

bathroom color schemes
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When renovating your home there are a lot of things to take into consideration when creating your space’s new design. A color scheme is one of the many. Don’t let color scare you! Yes, a white bathroom will always be in style but a pop of color here and there can do no harm. How you may ask. With the help of our design tips!

1. Know your Design Goal for your Bathroom Color Schemes

The first step in developing your unique bathroom scheme is to know the route you want to take. You can use the colors that are being used throughout your home to develop your scheme or you can start from scratch by using other colors from inspiration or the world around you to develop a new color scheme unique to your bathroom.

Some great places to look is by scrolling through Instagram, or Pinterest, or if you’re old school… magazines. Your inspiration doesn’t have to be grand either. Something as simple as a piece of tile could easily work as your inspiration. Once you know your inspiration, you can then move to the next step.

2. Selecting your Base Color

Once you have your inspiration in mind, it is time to develop your base color. This is the color that will be featured the most throughout the space. Most of the time this color is a neutral but it doesn’t have to be.

This color needs to be able to pair well with your other colors and it also should not steal the spotlight from your schemes partnering colors.

Some important things to consider when choosing this color is to take note of your bathroom’s finishes. Faucet and lighting hardware, as well as trim, can affect your color choice.

3. Picking your bathroom color theme!

Now that you have your inspiration and your base color, it is time to get to the bulk of your colors selected. This is where your theme comes into play! From your inspiration, define if your bathroom space’s partnering colors will be warm or cool?

Once you have your theme you are almost done!

4. Choosing your Partnering Colors

Now it’s time to have fun! You can add several different color families to the mix or you can go the monochromatic route. Just remember to have fun and play around with color, patterns, and textures when creating your space.

Looking for more bathroom inspiration?

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