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Terrazzo on the Rise

Terrazzo trending kitchen and bathroom flooring and countertops
Terrazzo trending kitchen and bathroom flooring and countertops

You didn’t read that title wrong! The popular midcentury surface is making a comeback in a big way! Terrazzo is back and it’s here to stay!

What is Terrazzo?

The popular midcentury surface is made up of epoxy and chips of marble, glass, granite, and other stones creating a large bold print that can be used for countertops, flooring, wall cladding and more!

Advantages of Terrrazzo

Terrazzo is a very unique surface that has quite a lot of advantages! Terrazzo countertops are very durable and they are extremely easy to maintain as their upkeep is slim to none. Another advantage to Terrazzo is that the product is customizable! Being able to choose the colors and materials that go into the surfaces makes it a great product for any project.

Disadvantages of Terrazzo

The only downside to Terrazzo is the price tag that comes with it, but for a high price, you get a customizable durable surface.

On the Trend

This trending print is not only making a statement in the kitchen and bath world, but the print can be seen everywhere! From cookware to stationary and clothing, this trend can be seen in many areas!

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