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Quartz vs Granite Countertops

Several things you need to know when comparing quartz vs granite countertops for your home.

High-end kitchens and bathrooms often feature quartz or granite countertops for a practical and aesthetic addition to a luxurious design. Opinions vary over which surface is preferable for a modern space and can lead to hot debate: quartz vs granite countertops – which is a better investment? Both surfaces offer longevity and exquisite style that is both good to look at and easy to maintain.

If you’re choosing between a quartz or granite countertop and don’t know which to pick, read on for insight into the key differences between the two to help you decide.

Quartz vs Granite Countertops – What’s The Difference?

Granite is a 100 percent natural stone product mined from quarries and cut to size. The surface gets polished to give it the customary high gloss finish and fabricated into kitchen countertops or bathroom countertops.

Quartz is a manufactured countertop that contains a high percentage of natural quartz, traces of other minerals, and a small percentage of polymer resins. Quartz countertops consist of ground-up stone formed into slabs. These slabs are fashioned into countertops that are the size and shape required.

Consider these crucial differences to help you choose the best countertop material for your home:

1. Appearance

Quartz countertops are a top trend in high demand due to their natural stone look that is customizable to suit the design of your kitchen or bathroom. As it is a fabricated product, it is possible to get the exact shade and composition you want. The color and design are likely to be consistent, predictable, and replicable.

If you’re looking for a unique countertop that is a one-of-a-kind original, granite is the way to go. As granite is a completely natural product, you may have to search to find the pattern and color that you want. If originality is your goal, granite is your go-to and offers a rich tapestry of designs to choose from.

2. Maintenance

When it comes to maintaining countertops, quartz is a low-maintenance surface. As it is non-porous, spills are easily cleaned with a household cleaner or soap and water. Beyond that, a quartz countertop needs no further maintenance.

Granite will need daily cleaning. Cleaning products that are safe for granite are important as some product ingredients may stain or damage the surface. To keep a granite surface in its original condition, annual resealing is the best option.

3. Durability

Quartz countertops usually come with limited warranties that range from 10 years to life. However, a quartz countertop may outlast the house it’s installed in as both the natural and man-made materials it consists of are not given to breaking down over time. Quartz countertops seldom show much wear and tear, even over many years.

The estimated lifespan of a countertop made from granite is 100 years, though this can be impacted by the level of maintenance and care it receives. In nature, granite is virtually indestructible. Being cut, shaped, and subjected to a life in a busy kitchen will eventually have an impact on its lifespan, though seldom within the same generation as it was installed.

When it comes to liquid, quartz is impervious to moisture due to the resin content. Granite itself is highly porous but will repel moisture when properly sealed. Placing hot items directly onto both surfaces should be done with caution. Heat may damage certain types of resin used in quartz. Granite itself is highly heat resistant, but the sealant may be damaged under direct heat.

4. Repair

Quartz countertops are manufactured to be solid all the way through and consistent in composition. On the rare occasion of a manufacturing flaw that leads to an imperfection such as a chip, crack, or scratch, quartz is easily repaired. Scratches can be buffed out by professionals. Color-matching resin repairs chips and minor cracks are dealt with using epoxy.

Granite is more likely to get stained than suffer damage due to its porous nature. Stains can usually be cleaned using a granite countertop cleaning agent. While unlikely, a granite countertop may get scratched, cracked, or chipped. If this should happen, the damage is repairable using the same methods as for quartz surfaces.

Repair work to both surfaces is best left to professionals.

5. Sustainability

The process that goes into delivering a granite top to your kitchen involves quarrying, an energy-intensive activity. Sourcing the right granite for your countertop from places renowned for granite production such as Italy, India, Brazil, or China, may involve high transport costs. For a more eco-friendly option, consider using indigenous stone.

Quartz can be produced in environmentally-friendly ways using local fabricators and stone manufactured in your area. Apart from cutting down on the distance that it has to travel, the manufacturer can use sustainable manufacturing processes.

Benefits of Quartz

One of the biggest benefits of using quartz is its versatility. Quartz can emulate the look of polished marble, leathered concrete, or granite. Quartz offers flexibility in customization. Whether you want strange angles, a waterfall edge, or a sweeping curve, quartz is adaptable to shapes that fit your needs.

Benefits of Granite

Granite offers a unique expression of your style that is distinct and original. With its high gloss look and completely flat surface, granite is the ideal surface for all baking and cooking activities. Family-friendly, a granite surface will see your loved ones through all the stages of life. Using natural stone is said to have psychological benefits. Practically, investing in a granite countertop is a high-value feature that increases the value of your home.

Quartz vs Granite Countertops – What Works For You?

For a long-term investment that will be an asset to your kitchen and home, quartz and granite countertops are both frontrunners. If you find yourself stuck in the process of choosing countertops, seeing – and feeling – for yourself may be the best option. Contact us today and find the countertop you’ve been looking for.

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