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Marie Kondo’s Method: How to KonMarie your Kitchen & Bathroom

Marie Kondo’s method is sure to spark joy in your life.

Marie Kondo KonMari kitchen and bathroom organization tips

Marie Kondo’s Method: Do you have organization fever? If you don’t now, you probably will after reading this.

You have probably heard by now the hit Netflix original show that has sparked an organization frenzy all over the US. Marie Kondo, creator of Konmari Media Inc. and the KonMari Method™, and award-winning author now have their own Netflix original, ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’. This show walks you through peoples cluttered home as she teaches them how to organize and de-clutter with her Konmari Method™. Want to bring the Konmari Method™ to your kitchen and bath? We have a few tips to help get you started.

What is the KonMari Method™?

The KonMari Method™ is Marie’s innovative approach on how to declutter your home by category – not by location. Her categories start with clothes, then moves to books/papers, komono (miscellaneous items), and end with sentimental items. The secret is to keep items that spark joy and discard items that do not. To discard, you must thank them for their service, then you can let them go. For examples of this process, check out her channel on youtube!

Marie’s Six Rules to Tidying

To furthermore break down the KonMari Method™, Marie has six basic rules you must follow during your tidying process.

  1. Commit yourself to tidying up.
  2. Imagine your ideal lifestyle.
  3. Finish discarding first.
  4. Tidy by category, not by location.
  5. Follow the right order.
  6. Ask yourself if it sparks joy.

Spark joy in your home using the famous Marie Kondo method!

Organization is key to sparking joy, but it may not be for everyone. Have no fear, there are KonMari Consultants to the rescue! With over six different levels of certification, there is a KonMari consultant ready to help you.

Hiring someone to tackle your mess out of your budget? Marie’s books and Netflix show are other great resources to help you spark joy!

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