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Latest Kitchen And Bath Trends Every Interior Designer Is Talking About

Find Out What Interior Designers Are Into This Year

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Kitchen And Bath Trends For A Wonderful Design

Are you planning a bathroom or kitchen renovation? Then you may want to consider adding these awesome kitchen and bath design trends to your project. Here are the top forecasted trends for kitchens and bathrooms in 2019! The most reputable interior designers from around the world are talking up a storm about these great trends!

Natural Elements

Adding elements of rich wood and natural stone can help transform your space by giving it a sense of luxury. Construction Resources offers a vast collection of deluxe surfaces for your kitchen and bathroom. From marble to quartzite, granite and butcher block there is a surface for you! View their luxurious countertop selection.

Cabinet Colors

White kitchens have been taking over in the past few years. However, interior designers are saying that bold and brightly colored cabinets are most definitely making their way to the top.

You can mix things up and add a pop of color to your bathroom or kitchen as to stay on top of your A game. Simply add an accent color to your lower cabinets to give your space a little edge. Some trending colors this year are deep blues, earthy greens, bright corals, and muted grays!

Kitchen And Bath Wallpaper

Not like the wallpaper you ripped out of your first fixer-upper home, this trend is full of large prints and textures! This is one of our favorite kitchen and bath design trends only because you can get crazy creative!

Mixing Metal Finishes

Mix things up by adding mixed metals to your space’s hardware! From your cabinet doors and drawer pulls, to your sink fixtures there are a lot of ways you can incorporate this trend in your kitchen or bathroom project. This is the perfect way to update your space to improve your kitchen design.

Bright Color Design

From jewel tones to the PANTONE® color of the year, Living Coral, kitchens, and bathrooms are getting a makeover in these energetic shades! Add a burst of color and create a statement in your space with the help of a little paint.

Geometric Tile Pattern

You don’t have to be a math person to get with this trend! Have fun with tile and go geometric with the help of one of the leading kitchen remodeling companies.

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