How To Organize A Bathroom Part ll

Tips And Tricks To Help You Organize A Bathroom Part ll ★★★★★

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Transforming Your Old Chair

This hack to help with how to organize a bathroom is actually very fun and cool! All you need is an old chair that you wish to get rid of. This chair can be used to hand stuff on the wall but it needs to have vertical back slats. You can turn this chair into a towel rack. You can get very creative and paint your chair the way you would like.

Mason Jar Storage

I bet we can all agree on how super amazing and fun mason jars are! There are so many awesome things you can do with mason jars! One great way to keep your bathroom super tidy and clean is to use mason jars to store items! A big part of bathroom organization is knowing how to store away items and getting creative with it! You can grab a wooden board and hang it on your wall, take your mason jars and pin them on the board and start filling them up with anything you want that fits!

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Hanging Baskets On Towel Rods

This is just another great way to get super creative with more storage ideas to help with keeping your bathroom space super tidy, nice, clean, and organized! If you have towel rods on your walls, you can grab hanging baskets and use them to put away items that are lying around your bathroom.

Storing With A Shoe Organizer

Okay, we know, we know. This is a bit unorthodox but give it a chance. A shoe organizer comes with so many storage pockets that you can use for your benefit. Store away all that you want with a shoe organizer! Simply pin it on your wall. Its super easy, fast, and affordable! You can land one of these at your local dollar general store!

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How To Organize A Bathroom Part l

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