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Design Dictionary

Your guide to every design style.

design dictionary

The design guide you always wanted is finally here! Are you ready to define your space?

Art Deco

Gatsby style and more! This design style was popular in the roaring ’20s and is full of geometrics, and metallics.


Full of ornamental designs this style is inspired by elements from China, Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam. Nature and design become one with this popular style.


Key element -TEXTURE! This style is often considered a collection style due to the layering effect of color, patterns, plants, and textiles.


Beach lover? Enjoy the beach without the annoying sand with this style! Popular elements include soft whites, pale greens, all shades of blues, and touches of wood.


A more modern spin to art deco, this style is full of clean lines, geometrics, and mixed metals.


Another collection style, this design features a mix of elements in a modern theme.


Not your mother’s kitchen; oh wait, maybe it is? Full of rustic charm, this popular design showcases many vintage elements.

French Country

Coming to you from the homes in France, this design style is based off pastel colors, and aged wood and metals.


Think old Hollywood with a modern twist. The use of rich colors and lavish elements are key to this style.


No need to cover and conceal your building elements with this design! Popular features include mixed finishes, neutral color pallets, tall ceilings, large windows, and exposed brick and ductwork.


From the origins of the coastal regions of the Mediterranean Sea, this style is full of bold patterns, shades of blue, and brass hardware.

Midcentury Modern

Minimalist design with pops of jewel-toned colors, and unconventional furniture.


Clean lines, neutral colors, and minimal elements.


A space full of asymmetrical futuristic details, neutral colors, and polished metals.

Modern Farmhouse

A spin on the original style, this design features industrial details.


A style with many layers, this design features a mixture of different metals, patterns, textures, and deep colors.


This design features many elements from nature. Think wood beams, exposed brick, natural stones, and raw edges.


With an aesthetic from European countries, this design features clean lines, with industrial and minimalistic details.


This design features rich warm colors, elements of nature, and influences of Spanish and Native American culture.


Originating from the 18th-19th century, this design style is full of classic elements. The use of symmetry, simple patterns, and muted colors can be found in this style.


A merge of traditional and contemporary, this design often features vintage architecture with modern decor.


Featuring inspiration from tropical islands and French Polynesia, the use of bright colors, tropical leaves and flowers, and detailed furniture is dominantly used.

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